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About a KEMistry Member! "Since Ali started attending Soccer KEMistry in November she has made tremendous progress. Beyond the stats are things that may be immeasurable. After attending weekly skills sessions, in June 2009 she tried out for arguably the top Premier U12 girls’ team in Kansas and was offered a spot. Her confidence is sky-high and it translates to her performance on the field. She is now a starter on the team and plays a major role in the team's success. In November 2015, her team won the Kansas State Cup tournament for the sixth straight year. Ali has also committed to play for Drake University. Ali's dedication, effort, and passion for learning soccer skills make being a coach very rewarding." - Kem Thomas, Founder and Technical Director of Soccer KEMistry
Ali Burke, Ultimate KEMist
Nov. 2008
Jan. 2018
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See what Ali’s mom had to say! “Watching our daughter Ali step onto the field during her first game at Drake, we had to smile when we realized that over 10 years of hard work had paid off. Her lifelong dream of playing D1 college soccer was a reality. In addition to being unbelievably proud of her, we were also incredibly thankful for all the people who helped get her to that moment. School coaches, club coaches, ODP coaches, personal trainers, speed & agility coaches, and of course, her foot skills and shooting coach --- Kem. Ali began working with Coach Kem when she was just ten years old and hoping to take her game to a more serious level. After a year of consistent work she had improved her dribbling, passing, shooting, juggling, moves and footwork enough to make one of the top club teams that went on to win 6 consecutive Kansas State Cup Championships. She even was named the juggling champion for all age groups at Regionals thanks to all of her KEMistry practice. Ali was a four year member of Kansas ODP and four year varsity player in high school. Through all of those years she did group, teammate and individual sessions with Coach Kem regularly and continued to improve her skills. He was always there when she needed him; pushing her to work harder and faster to reach her goals. Each year he worked with her one-on-one for the weeks leading up to her biggest test - the Drake ID camp, and the rest is history. We have been told by countless coaches over the years that they can tell within five minutes whether a player has top potential. What do they see in the first five minutes?? Juggling, dribbling, passing and footwork....exactly what KEMistry sessions are tailored to develop. That is what made Ali stand out. Coach Kem is hands down the best and his programs/methods unparalleled. If you are looking for serious results, there is no better investment you can make in your player. The Burkes will forever be thankful for the difference Coach Kem made in Ali's life.”- Lisa Burke, Parent

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