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See what some KEMist Parents have to say!

“There is no equal to KEMistry! Coach Kem isn’t just another soccer skills coach. Our Coach first builds a soccer foundation and then develops the player’s skills using his years of playing and coaching experience.  Our family worked with many skills coaches over the years until we met Coach Kem. For over 3 years, we have watched our daughter, Mikayla U12, grow and develop as a soccer player with improved first touch, foot skills, dribbling, speed of play, shooting power, and shooting accuracy. KEMistry has allowed Mikayla to take her soccer skills from the practice field to game day.  Our oldest Daughter, Madison U17, and youngest daughter, Mallory U9, have also greatly benefited from Coach Kem’s unique coaching style.  Many times I have looked down the sidelines during a game only to see our Coach Kem watching his players.  Do you know of other skills coaches that actually come to games to see how their players are performing??  Look no further, KEMistry is the soccer skills program for all players at all ages and skill levels."-Joe Smith, Grateful KEMistry Parent 

“The KEMistry program for teaching advanced foot skills and shooting is excellent for any age youth.  We have been so impressed with our son Max’s progression under coach Kem that we now bring our two daughters for skills lessons.  Now Max uses his skills in games, and our girls have noticed better shooting and foot control with the ball.  Coach Kem’s patience and fun approach has all three of our kids happy to return each visit!” - Martin & Holly Lamar, Parent

"Coach Kem first caught my eye at Electric Park where he conducts his outdoor sessions and camps.  I would often stop and watch what he was doing while I was setting up the field for my own youth soccer practices.  When I finally approached him, I was thrilled to discover what he had to offer.  My son, Matthew, began attending his sessions the very next week and hasn’t stopped for the last 1 ½ years.  Matthew’s game has certainly elevated during this time and he never tires of attending Coach Kem’s sessions.  Since that time, most of my players have attended at least four of his sessions; some much longer than that.  Coach Kem never stops teaching and never gives up on any individual who attends his sessions.  You will often see him stop the drill, run over to a player, give a quick demo, have the player repeat it and then restart the drill.  He’ll do this as often as necessary throughout the session.  He is a model of patience and motivates the kids in a fun, competitive way.  He wants each kid to get it right and he’s not happy if this isn’t the case.  His point scoring system can sometimes be baffling to the kids yet it promotes a healthy, competitive spirit amongst them.  I have coached high school varsity teams in many sports for many years.  Parents have often asked me where they could send their kids for extra help or what summer camp might be a good one to attend.  I have a hard time giving them my recommendation unless I am certain the instructor and/or camp emphasizes skills over drills; or, skill development within the drills.  Coach Kem and Soccer KEMistry is this kind of a program.  “Taking your game…to the next level” is the greatest, and most suitable slogan he could have ever implemented for his program. " - Debbie Garr, Parent

"Our daughter Kate first started working with Coach Kem during her spring U-10 year.  Kate had reached a sticking point with her overall soccer game and her soccer skills in particular.  Over the course of two months, Coach Kem took Kate's soccer game to a new  and exciting level.  Her shooting, dribbling and overall play vastly improved and with that came a new sense of confidence.  Kate has never looked back and contines to train on a weekly basis with Coach Kem. Now, Kate's twin sisters playing U-8 premier are KEMistry students as well.  There is simply no substitute for KEMistry." - Reid Scofield, Parent

"Soccer KEMistry has become the foundational training program for our son Khaleb.  After attending camps and skills sessions, we believe Coach Kem to be the true standard bearer.  I have only the highest praise for his approach to the game, not only does he provide the technical skill training with a level of continuity and diligence that is unmatched, but does so in a training environment that fosters the components of sport that are required to maximize one's potential ie. confidence, passion, work ethic, discipline.  As parents trying to find the proper "training atmosphere"  Coach Kem meets and exceeds expectations.  Over the past few months we have been so pleased with the growth of Khaleb's game, he is physically, mentally and emotionally progressing beyond our expectations. Ultimately the true measure of success has been how positively Coach Kem has impacted our son, he has become a "real time" resource which we believe to  be invaluable in providing the necessary foundation for him to fulfill his potential."- William Fields, a KEMist Parent

Soccer KEMistry has been a fantastic experience for our son Stephen.  Kem has significantly changed Stephen's skill level in just under one year. During the sessions he takes the time to evaluate and give our son the individual attention he needs which in turn has helped him excel on the field and become a better player.  The sessions are a mix of serious instruction on a competitive level yet always fun and positive.  Stephen looks forward to continuing his training with Kem and taking his game to a higher level."- Stephen & Stephanie Castaneda, Premier KEMist parents

"Lauren has been going to KEMistry for almost two years and has developed many skills that have given her a love for the game.  Kem gives Lauren the encouragement to reach her next mark, and he believes she can do it.  She loves the competitiveness with the other players and with beating her last score.  It is fun & exciting to learn the different moves, that she can implement during game time.  KEMistry has provided an environment where Lauren can continually work on her individual skills that translate to confidence on the field.  Consistency is key and a great testament to KEMistry is that Lauren loves to go to her sessions.  Kem gives 100% in his sessions and Lauren always leaves wanting more." - Karen Surface, a KEMist parent

"Julia has been attending Soccer KEMistry for almost a year.  We first heard about Kem from one of Julia's teammates, who strongly recommended it.  When Julia came to her first Soccer KEMistry session she already possessed a good base of skill and technique.  However, Kem's coaching has expanded her knowledge of skills and taught her how to use her moves in a game to create separation from a defender to allow her to shoot, pass or continue with the attack.  Julia's confidence on the field has grown as her ability to receive, handle and control the ball has improved.  We also really like the positive reinforcement Kem provides the kids and how he makes soccer skills training fun.  We certainly recommend Soccer KEMistry for any player who wants to take their game to the next level - that is one reason why Julia's younger sister is now an aspiring young KEMist as well!" -Tom Munsell, a KEMist parent